How to complete ‘The Greatest Story Never Told’ quest in Final Fantasy XIV

“The Greatest Story Never Told” is a quest in Final Fantasy XIV that players can complete to get a special item. The quest is available from level 30 and requires players to kill 100 enemies of the same type.

The quest is a single-player, high fantasy adventure that begins with the player waking up in an unfamiliar land. It’s not clear how you got there or what happened to your companions, but it seems like something evil is at work and only you can save the day!

There are several tasks in the acclaimed MMO Final Fantasy XIV, some of which are simple and others of which are a little more challenging and sometimes leave players scratching their heads. The second part of The Greatest Story Never Told is filled with puzzles and mysteries that must be solved in order to reach its conclusion.

This mission may be discovered in Western Thanalan on the southernmost point of The Footfalls once the main quest, The Ultimate Weapon, has been completed. Players must find an NPC named Valiant Hart, who can be found at (18.3, 17.5) beside a collapsed statue. Players are warned at the beginning of the mission that there is little instruction and that each adventurer may get different clues and goals.


There are several branching to this lengthy quest. Work slowly through the sections, keep a notebook nearby to record your progress, and keep in mind that the prize at the end is a rumored 100 million gil. Possibly.

Part 1: The message of The Silent King

Following their conversation, Valiant Hart requests that explorers examine the Silent King statue’s encoded message. Although this language is jumbled, in order to proceed correctly, you must write down what it says on your notepad. Although there are three viable ciphers in this case, Valiant Hart’s concluding decipher (FIRE/LIGHTNING/WATER/EARTH/ICE/WIND:



Chapter 2: Cipher

The Thaumaturge Guild NPC Yayaroku is then pointed out to the players (6.9, 12.6). Players will learn that the right order is Lightning/FIRE/EARTH/ICE/WATER/WIND after speaking with Yaya, who will also provide a solution.


After encountering Yayaroku, use this to decipher the message or just follow the table to determine your next steps:

REN/FLO/SPI/TEL/’S/REFlowers’ Spire15.6, 25.3
HO/OSC/BRA/N’S/EM/CEOschon’s Arms23.3, 28.6
AL/TH/SPI/’S/RE/TEThal’s RemedyEastern Thanalan’s northeastern region

When you reach your essential waypoint, a different Lalafell called “Novice Explorer” will be waiting for you. Return to Valiant Hart in Western Thanalan after speaking with the Lalafell and obtaining the crucial object Winebaud’s Travel Log.

Third section: The second branch

When you speak with Valiant Hart, the message is altered, and he provides a new transcription along with one of three NPCs to try to solve the mystery. The name of the indicated NPC and the uppercase letters should be noted, as well.

Truth is known by Isouda.

Go speak with Isouda in Lower La Noscea (20, 38) to acquire a new riddle. In the end, you were given jumbled letters, from which you had to determine which of three points they represented.

ETAGF ETHWBlack Wolf GateGridania New (9,13)
S’EMIATHSE SCITEHTSEAEshtaime’s BeautyThe Steps of Thal, Ul’dah (10, 12)
EHT SEMALF FO LLAHThe Flames HallThe Steps of Thal, Ul’dah (8, 9)

Memenugu has a process.

Memenugu may be discovered in Central Thanalan (21, 25), and a decoding technique is provided.


Jahelle is a math pro.

Jahelle, who can be found in North Shourd (21, 26), also provides a decoding scheme, where each pair of digits corresponds to a letter of the alphabet with a 01:A, 02:B, etc.

180504 130114200919 0601121219FALLS OF RED MANTISLa Noscea in the east (16, 27)
08051212190218151504 0815120519Hellsborough HolesMiddle Thanalan (15, 14)
260516082518 0418090620The ZEPHYR DRIFTMiddle of the nose (23, 26)

Find the item “???” at the indicated location to go on. Return to Valiant Hart in Western Thanalan after the conversation prompt.

The emotes in Part 4

When you speak with Hart, you’ll get the following cipher—a combination of capital and lowercase letters—as well as information on the Marauders’ Guild. When you’re on your way to the Marauders’ Guild in Limsa Lominsa Upper Decks, write down just the upper case letters and then scramble them to obtain an emote.


In the Marauders’ Guild, locate the “???,” examine it, and then go to the spot where you will emote.

  • Eastern Thanalan: JOY (15, 17)
  • Camp Tranquil, below the southern bridge, is irate.
  • Old Gridania rally, under Leatherworker Guild
  • DANCE – Second bridge south, Wineport
  • LAUGH – Lower Decks of Limsa Liminsa, Astalicia
  • Northern Thanalan, HUH (21.1, 29.4)
  • Between Pearl Lance and Sapphire Avenue, SHRUG- Ul’dah
  • Middle La Noscea: disappointed (21.9, 15.8)
  • North Shroud and Hyrstmill Watermill are in panic.

Find the ‘???’ object once again, target it, and finish your emote. Check the message one again before returning to Hart at Western Thanalan.


Step 5: The torture of the markets

The message says, “Return to me with ‘?’ of ‘?’ if SWORD+SWORD=DAGGER.” My list is with the lord of markets.

The “?” stands for variables for various letters; write them down and go to your faction country market at home. You may locate Parsemontret (Old Gridania), Seseroga (Ul’dah), or Swozblaet in the heart of the marketplace (Limsa Lominsa). Ask them for a list that includes the following:

  • 1 – Pearl
  • (2) Fluorite
  • Three: Malachite
  • No. 4: Choker
  • Sunstone (no. 5)
  • Sixth: Earrings
  • 7 – Ring
  • Bracelet No. 8

Now we must determine what Winebaud is referring to with his perplexing equation. The most widely accepted idea holds that adding the five-character word SWORD to itself will result in the word dagger (a six character word). The only integer that may be used to multiply a five-digit number by two, as in SWORD+SWORD = SWORD * 2, is “1” for the “D” in DAGGER.

This alters both the ‘D’ and the ‘R’ in SWORD, which must now equal 1 and 2 since D + D = 1. This is a good place to start if you want to work out the remainder on your own.

Otherwise, the number 156642 is what we’re looking for. The following is the number to letter cipher:

  • S – 7
  • W – 8
  • O – 3
  • R – 2
  • D – 1
  • A – 5
  • G – 6
  • E – 4
  • R – 2

Now, replace the letters in the translated text that you noted with the corresponding numbers. After that, take those figures, seize the object, and put it on.

For instance, if your command is “If SWORD+SWORD=DAGGER, then return to me with “W” or “O,” you must buy a Malachite Bracelet from Ul’dah’s jewelry store, which is located just south of the Gladiator’s Guild, and equip it. While you’re here, head to the Sapphire Avenue marketplace and buy a copper gorget. Return to Hart at Western Thanalan, but take the time to read Winebaud’s Message beforehand.

Step 6: Final Thoughts

You’ll experience the images once again as your jewelry starts to warm up. Talk to Valiant Hart when this is over, then the inscription, and finally Valiant Hart. To finish the quest, have Hart recite the lyrics in their proper sequence, then put on the gorget and look at the ‘???’ behind the statue.

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