To Spare Or Not To Spare: Patches In Elden Ring

In the world of Elden Ring, players are faced with a moral dilemma regarding the character of Patches. As a recurring character in the Soulsborne series, Patches has become infamous for his trickster nature and his tendency to betray the player.

As a game that emphasizes player choice and consequence, Elden Ring presents players with a difficult decision regarding Patches. On one hand, players may feel a desire for revenge against Patches for his past betrayals. On the other hand, sparing Patches may lead to valuable rewards and unlock a questline that could enhance the player’s experience.

This article will explore the different factors that players should consider when making this decision, including the benefits and drawbacks of each choice, so you can make an informed choice that aligns with your gameplay goals and values.

Key Takeaways

  • Sparing Patches in Elden Ring has several advantages, including unlocking the armor with the highest poise in the game and retaining access to his shop items.
  • To spare Patches, you must find him in the Murkwater Cave dungeon, allow him to attack you, and then accept his surrender after he loses half his health.
  • Killing Patches does not bring any major advantages and cannot be undone with consumable items or NPC resurrection.
  • If you do choose to kill Patches, he drops Patches Bell Bearing, Spear +7, Leather Armor, Gloves, and Boots, and x2 Golden Rune.

Advantages of sparing Patches

Sparing Patches in Elden Ring offers certain advantages that players should consider before making the decision to kill him. One of the most significant benefits is unlocking his armor, which has the most poise in the game, making it an excellent addition to any player’s inventory.

Additionally, sparing Patches means that players won’t lose access to his shop items if they give him Bell Bearing to the Twin Maiden Husks to unlock his shop there. This allows players to access rare and useful items, enhancing their gameplay experience.

The ethical dilemma of sparing Patches is another factor to consider. Choosing to let him live may impact the game’s story, as his quest and armor set are only available to players who spare him. This decision also affects the player’s reputation in the game world, as sparing Patches may earn them respect and loyalty from other characters.

Ultimately, keeping Patches alive may prove to be a more practical and strategic choice, given the benefits it provides.

How to spare Patches

To allow for the completion of Patches’ quest and obtain the armor with the highest poise in the game, one must follow a specific set of steps when encountering a certain NPC in a dungeon located north of Lake Agheel.

To spare Patches, players must find him in the Murkwater Cave and open a large chest to initiate a conversation. Patches will then start attacking the player, but if they wait until he surrenders, they can accept his surrender and complete his quest.

Sparing Patches also ensures that his shop items are not lost, and players receive x2 Golden Rune and Grovel for Mercy as a reward for sparing him.

Sparing Patches affects gameplay by unlocking his armor set and completing his quest, making him more useful alive than dead. Killing Patches does not provide any significant benefits and can result in permanent consequences, such as the inability to resurrect him using Celestial Dew or revive him through reloading old saves.

Additionally, killing Patches does not drop many valuable items or runes, making it more advantageous for players to spare him. Ultimately, the decision to spare or kill Patches in Elden Ring depends on the player’s objectives and priorities in the game.

Disadvantages of killing Patches

Killing Patches in the game has certain drawbacks, including the inability to revive him using Celestial Dew and a lack of valuable items or runes dropped from his defeat. This loss of potential rewards and the inability to bring back an important NPC can be a frustrating consequence for players who choose to kill Patches.

Additionally, the importance of NPCs in Elden Ring cannot be overstated, as they often provide crucial information, quests, and items that aid the player’s progress. The consequences of killing NPCs in Elden Ring can extend beyond just missing out on potential rewards. NPCs also play a significant role in the game’s story and lore, and their deaths can have a ripple effect on the game world.

For example, killing certain NPCs may result in the loss of access to their shops or abilities, or even lead to changes in the behavior of other NPCs. Therefore, players should carefully consider the potential consequences of their actions before choosing to kill important characters like Patches.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Patches and why is he important in Elden Ring?

Patches is a recurring character in FromSoftware’s games, known for his betrayal and trickery towards the player character. In Elden Ring, Patches’ role and history remain unclear, but sparing him unlocks his quest and armor set.

What is Patches’ quest and how does sparing him affect it?

Patches’ quest involves tricking the player into accessing dangerous areas, revealing his hidden agenda. Sparing him highlights player morality, impacting future interactions. Killing him offers no significant benefits and cannot be reversed.

Can Patches be resurrected if killed?

Patches cannot be resurrected if killed in Elden Ring. There are no known means of reviving him, and his death carries permanent consequences. Spare Patches to avoid these consequences.

Are there any negative consequences to sparing Patches?

Exploring morality in Elden Ring involves deciding whether to spare or kill Patches. Sparing him unlocks questline variations and rewards, with no negative consequences. Killing him provides no significant benefits and cannot be undone.

How does killing Patches affect the overall story and game progression?

Exploring alternate storylines, killing Patches in Elden Ring does not significantly affect game progression, but has moral implications. Sparing Patches unlocks his quest and armor, while killing him only yields minor loot.

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