Chaos Invaders Trailer

[vimeo id="14138624" w="640" h="380"]

Get Excited. It will be out in a couple of weeks! Check out the trailer here if the embed doesn’t work for you: Chaos Invaders Trailer.

Announcing Chaos Invaders

There comes a time each year after about a month of slaving in front of your computer and seeing far too little of the world in general, where you get to announce a new game. Now is that time. I’m officially christening my latest project:

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Team Game Design

Over the last month, Sam and I have both started up new projects. The result of this is not only some seriously awesome looking half-way done games, but also a realisation on both our parts.

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Another Crazy Mr Runner Video

[youtube id="ah3T49Ds6mw" w="640" h="385"]

I thought that my platinum walkthrough was good, but this has chopped 20 seconds off my time!
Cheers to omegabobo for this awesome playthrough!

Mechanic Design by Deconstruction

A little while back I wrote an article about developing games according to what I coined the “Experience Driven Game Design Paradigm”. You can check it out here, but I’ll sum it up for you anyway. Essentially, I was suggesting that in order to develop a game it is best to first start by designing an experience, then working backwards and fitting your mechanics into your game so it fully creates this experience. I went on to suggest that the best way to design an experience was by first experiencing it yourself by way of playing similar games. This article will look into the process of deconstructing these games and using their mechanics as inspiration for the experience in your own.

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Sam and Sash Break Down Splinter Cell

Sam Fisher. Professional Bad Ass.

So yesterday, we took some time off our tough and traumatic lives as Game Designers and Students in order to have a bit of fun. And by a bit of fun I mean a lot of fun. And by a lot of fun I mean Splinter Cell Conviction Co-op. Its worth sharing.

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Mr Runner Platinum Walkthrough

[youtube id="0fq0uEMceuk" w="640" h="375"]

It took me four hours to film, but I did it!
Check it out if you’re stuck.

Mr Runner Postmortem

All in a days work

So the adventure with Mr Runner’s development is pretty much coming to a close. I’ve still got a bit of work to do with selling some more non-exclusive licenses, but it’s done. It’s time to sit back and look at what has come out of the chaos of my experience. I’ll be talking about the creation process, finding sponsorship using FGL, working in partnership with cool sites like GameShed, and my personal analysis of the game.

I’m hoping that this article will be useful for any developers that are planning on making flash games of their own and finding sponsorship using FGL. Feel free to send me off an email with any other questions you might have about the development process! Read More

Mr Runner. Running on an Internet near you.

He is here.

It’s been a long time coming but Mr Runner is finally here! So before you read the rest of this post, go enjoy it. You can play it here.
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Groovy Baby, a New Project

It's that time of the year.

So you might have noticed a total lack of posts about anything with substance the last week or two. I know. I’m sorry. I also have an excuse; I’m actually still at uni finishing up my third and last year of computer science. By far the most interesting subject that I’m doing is a special project in game design, which means I pretty much get to do anything I want that relates to games. Sweet right? I could basically play games the entire semester, but I figure I’ll do something more constructive. Read More

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