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Mr Runner

Mr Runner is an old-school hard-core platformer where you run. You run a lot, and you’ll run fast. It’s all about smooth, fast paced gameplay through a bunch of challenging levels. See if you can get platinum in them all!

For the full walkthrough, check out the Mr Runner Platinum Walkthrough.


  1. Håkon! says:

    This is a pretty good game! it should be a restart/quit button, but yeah its hard!

  2. SpeedGun says:

    Press ESC (or R to restart)

  3. st9ler says:

    The idea is close to Super meat boy. Any comments on this? :P

  4. Sash says:

    Yeah! first of all super meat boy is just a really good platformer. It doesn’t do anything vastly different, it’s just tweaked in ways which make it fantastic. Any platformer that follows the same formula will end up feeling similar. Mr runner was actually made before super meat boy was announced!

    But super meat boy is so much better than any game I could ever dream of making, any comparison is a compliment.

  5. sham7000 says:

    i make levels on kongerate im sham7000 on it :D

  6. Daniel K. (_PH) says:

    This is awesome!!!!!
    Cant wait for Mr Runner 2! :D

  7. Daniel K. (_PH) says:

    also please do fix the coins DX
    I got 11.96 on the second level and it gave me 12.00
    so i got gold

  8. TheGGMecha says:

    OMG sash said he would realese MR Runner2 3 days ago where is it?!?!?!?

  9. sham7000 says:

    Whens mr runner 2 comming out? and dont build in the tab lvl editer ppl will use it for a excuse for platnum on mr runner 2.

  10. Xander McKenzie says:

    Very similar to Super Meat boy, this is a good thing. Wall jumping is a bit difficult to well. I wish the player character contrasted with the background and platforms more as it is all just a dark mess at this point. Overall this is a decent flash platformer.

  11. sara says:

    its not even hard warning its easy

  12. LineWaver says:

    This is an awesome indie game! Look for me on Kongregate, I’ve made a few public levels.

  13. Kygon says:

    I like the physics of this game more than super meat boy :D

  14. pshyco says:

    hey guys mr runner 2 is out on mofunzone and it’s AWESOME