Tiny Defense: Early Concept Art

My first Tiny Defense update is ready. Excited?

Lee Lee has been hard at work. Right now her job is not to create sprites, but instead explore different styles, colours and concepts so we can nail down what the final game will look like.

This is an important process and might take a little while! Once we’re done, the next step will be to begin to turn these sprites into game ready sprites – smaller, more stylised and more polished. Before that happens though, feast your eyes upon these:

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Tiny Defense

So a lot has been happening in my life recently: I launched Mr Runner 2, I moved from Australia to San Francisco, I scored a job working for Zynga and now I’m being kicked out of the country while my visa is being sorted out. Things have been pretty exciting.

But somehow, amidst all this chaos, I have two months of complete freedom. I’m going to use this two months to start work on a new game. But this time, I’m going to do things a little differently.
Here is what will be new:

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Will Make Games for Food

So earlier on in the year I did a presentation at iFest Sydney about how to turn a passion for making games into a profession. It covers my journey from a student to a developer who makes a living off flash games.

I hope it has some useful perspectives you can take away if you’re looking to get started making money off flash games. If you have any questions just leave a comment!

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Mr Runner 2 is Coming

[vimeo id="16412958" w="640" h="380"]

See that sexy new link up the top? It’s coming! Mr Runner will be running again on your browser early next year, with all new graphics, controls, levels, and all new everything. Check it out the FAQ here.

Mr Runner Postmortem

All in a days work

So the adventure with Mr Runner’s development is pretty much coming to a close. I’ve still got a bit of work to do with selling some more non-exclusive licenses, but it’s done. It’s time to sit back and look at what has come out of the chaos of my experience. I’ll be talking about the creation process, finding sponsorship using FGL, working in partnership with cool sites like GameShed, and my personal analysis of the game.

I’m hoping that this article will be useful for any developers that are planning on making flash games of their own and finding sponsorship using FGL. Feel free to send me off an email with any other questions you might have about the development process! Read More

Mr Runner. Running on an Internet near you.

He is here.

It’s been a long time coming but Mr Runner is finally here! So before you read the rest of this post, go enjoy it. You can play it here.
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Groovy Baby, a New Project

It's that time of the year.

So you might have noticed a total lack of posts about anything with substance the last week or two. I know. I’m sorry. I also have an excuse; I’m actually still at uni finishing up my third and last year of computer science. By far the most interesting subject that I’m doing is a special project in game design, which means I pretty much get to do anything I want that relates to games. Sweet right? I could basically play games the entire semester, but I figure I’ll do something more constructive. Read More

Our Logo. It’s learned how to move.

Recently, I took a bit of time setting up Mr Runner to add some life to our logo.
Check it out.
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Good Game Jam – We’re Famous!

Recently Sash and I slaved/rocked away for 48 hours making games in the Sydney Global Game Jam, and while we we’re there the good folks at Good Game filmed a segment on the event and the people participating. That includes us! Our segment starts about a minute in, plus you can see Farbs and Radix (two pretty rad dudes) in there somewhere.

Watch it here!

Bit Battalion += Logo

Our New Logo. With extra shinyness.

After waiting it out for a long ten days over at crowdSpring, we finally have our new logo. We present it to you here with extra shine, just for good measure.

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