Tiny Turrets: Dev Diary #1, Humble Beginnings

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BEHOLD! My very first Dev Diary. As you can tell, things have been moving a little slower than I had hoped. I’m not too worried though, I’ve learned a lot and seeing the game at such an early stage will be great to look back on in a few months. I have two more little bits of news too.

A New Name: Tiny Turrets

As it turns out, a game called “Tiny Defense” just launched on the App Store. They sent me a kind email asking me to rename so I turned to trusty twitter to find “Tiny Turrets”. Terrific! (Seriously, try saying that fast – I now have a speech impediment)

A Coding Time Lapse

[vimeo id="29872309" w="640" h="400"]

This Time Lapse documents me putting together the Gui System. It’s pretty short and not all that interesting, but it does give you a bit of an insight into my work flow. I should note – I actually hid my browser in this time lapse, I spent almost 50% of my time checking the cocos2D forums and stack overflow… not all that fun to watch.

You’ll also notice I’m working full screen in XCode and using “ALT TAB”. It makes a ton of difference to my productivity.

Tiny Defense: Using UIScrollView in Cocos2d

So as you know that I spent the weekend trying to get xcode, objective c and cocos2d to be my bitch.

Most of my time I was working on a solution to implementing scrollviews in cocos2d. Turns out this isn’t as straight forward as I thought, but I found a tutorial over at getsetgames.com¬†which gave me a good place to start. I have to warn you, the code in that tutorial is pretty messy. I’ve cleaned it up a lot below.

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Tiny Defense: Concept Art Time Lapse

Lee Lee is still going full pace on the concept art for Tiny Defence. Most recently, did some more refined, more stylised tower sketches. I bullied her into capturing the entire process in a time lapse and man it looks cool!

As someone who has very little artistic talent and quite frankly has no idea how them artsy types do it, it’s exciting seeing the process. Here you can see her work at hyper speed from concept to… well, concept art:

[vimeo id="29307757" w="640" h="340"]

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Tiny Defense

So a lot has been happening in my life recently: I launched Mr Runner 2, I moved from Australia to San Francisco, I scored a job working for Zynga and now I’m being kicked out of the country while my visa is being sorted out. Things have been pretty exciting.

But somehow, amidst all this chaos, I have two months of complete freedom. I’m going to use this two months to start work on a new game. But this time, I’m going to do things a little differently.
Here is what will be new:

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