Mr Runner Beta is up, has release date!

Thanks to everyone that signed up for the first beta, it’s awesome to have you on board. I’ve gotten a whole lot of really good feed back so it’ll be a while before I get through all the awesome changes you guys suggested!

If you didn’t make it in, sign up anyway, and I’ll include you for round two which will be out in a few weeks. It will feature an entirely new world with a bunch of new levels to play through.

Oh, and it has a release date!

I’ve also been talking a great deal with Zack, the bad ass pixel artist on Mr Runner, and we reckon we have a release date. Mr Runner is coming on:

25th January 2011

It’s pretty ambitious, given what we have planned, but I want to get this game out to the world as soon as possible!

In other news

Chaos Invaders has hit the interwebs and is getting some pretty awesome coverage. Check out:

Chaos Invaders has been set Loose

is released!

Its been a long wait since the trailer, I know. But it will be well worth it, click on the logo above to check it out. Make sure you crank the volume so you don’t miss out on the seriously awesome sound track!

You can also now leave juicy comments on the games pages, so let me know what you think!

Mr Runner Beta Testing

I don’t want to keep Mr Runner cooped up on my hard drive for another 5 months. I want to make sure I get it right. So on November 12th, I’ll be opening up the first round of Mr Runner 2 Beta testing.

That’s why I’m inviting YOU to playtest!

Sign up now

If you sign up, on November 12 you’ll be sent a password to access the game in it’s very early stages. Get in quick! Thanks for helping out guys!

Mr Runner 2 Level Editor (WIP)

[vimeo id="16583999" w="640" h="380"]

So I though I’d do a video blog to show off the editor behind Mr Runner 2. It’s still a really early build, but this will give you an idea of whats making this game tick.

This editor will be completely built into the game, so you’ll be able to make your own level, share them with friends, and upload them world wide webonets. I’m also considering making this tile engine open source, so let me know if you’re interested.

Have fun!

Die Alien Die

Okay, I’ve got yet ANOTHER game for you to munch on. It’s a product of my 48 hours work in the latest Ludum Dare Competition.

Read More

Chaos Invaders Trailer

[vimeo id="14138624" w="640" h="380"]

Get Excited. It will be out in a couple of weeks! Check out the trailer here if the embed doesn’t work for you: Chaos Invaders Trailer.

Announcing Chaos Invaders

There comes a time each year after about a month of slaving in front of your computer and seeing far too little of the world in general, where you get to announce a new game. Now is that time. I’m officially christening my latest project:

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Another Crazy Mr Runner Video

[youtube id="ah3T49Ds6mw" w="640" h="385"]

I thought that my platinum walkthrough was good, but this has chopped 20 seconds off my time!
Cheers to omegabobo for this awesome playthrough!

Mr Runner Platinum Walkthrough

[youtube id="0fq0uEMceuk" w="640" h="375"]

It took me four hours to film, but I did it!
Check it out if you’re stuck.

Mr Runner Postmortem

All in a days work

So the adventure with Mr Runner’s development is pretty much coming to a close. I’ve still got a bit of work to do with selling some more non-exclusive licenses, but it’s done. It’s time to sit back and look at what has come out of the chaos of my experience. I’ll be talking about the creation process, finding sponsorship using FGL, working in partnership with cool sites like GameShed, and my personal analysis of the game.

I’m hoping that this article will be useful for any developers that are planning on making flash games of their own and finding sponsorship using FGL. Feel free to send me off an email with any other questions you might have about the development process! Read More

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