Mr Runner 2

What are you waiting for? Go play it here! And then, if you would be so kind, rate it five stars on Kongregate

To everyone that has been waiting with baited breath for the last few months – I’m sorry! Hopefully the extra few months that I put into the polish of the game will be worth while. Make sure when you play it you submit to leader boards, and race against all the people on the leaderboards, including me. If you can’t keep up to them, you can also watch their replays to see how they beat the level.

When you finish the game, send me an email! I’d love to hear what you thought. If anyone can get all platinum medals and all the treasure, I will knight them – this game is not easy.

So my adventure developing mr runner 2 has finally come to an end! Thanks to everyone that supported me and beta tested. It’s made a huge difference to me, I really appreciate your help. And thanks so much Zack James who did all the art, and Paul Kopetko, who did the amazing music. I love you guys!

Mr Runner 2 Trailer

[vimeo id="22877005" w="640" h="340"]

If you’ve been following the beta tests you’ll know that it’s almost upon us. I’ve just finished uploading the game to Flash Game License to find a sponsor, so he’ll be ready to run within a few weeks.

In the mean time – enjoy the trailer above with a juicy remix of the music by Paul Kopetko.

Mr Runner Makeover

One of the most interesting things about writing a sequel is that you feel obligated to fix everything that was wrong with the first game. I’m being almost OCD about it, which might explain why the game is running very very very slightly late.

The latest thing that I’ve been working hard on is Mr Runner himself. I feel like he deserves extra treatment since the game is named after him. The first game didn’t really give him much context or character development. He was just a cute black square thing running through world. It was cute. He’s still a cute black thing running through a world but now, well,

Now he’s even cuter

[swf src="" width=100 height=100]

And has a pet, Sir Scruffs

[swf src="" width=100 height=100]

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Mr Runner Beta is up, has release date!

Thanks to everyone that signed up for the first beta, it’s awesome to have you on board. I’ve gotten a whole lot of really good feed back so it’ll be a while before I get through all the awesome changes you guys suggested!

If you didn’t make it in, sign up anyway, and I’ll include you for round two which will be out in a few weeks. It will feature an entirely new world with a bunch of new levels to play through.

Oh, and it has a release date!

I’ve also been talking a great deal with Zack, the bad ass pixel artist on Mr Runner, and we reckon we have a release date. Mr Runner is coming on:

25th January 2011

It’s pretty ambitious, given what we have planned, but I want to get this game out to the world as soon as possible!

In other news

Chaos Invaders has hit the interwebs and is getting some pretty awesome coverage. Check out:

Mr Runner Beta Testing

I don’t want to keep Mr Runner cooped up on my hard drive for another 5 months. I want to make sure I get it right. So on November 12th, I’ll be opening up the first round of Mr Runner 2 Beta testing.

That’s why I’m inviting YOU to playtest!

Sign up now

If you sign up, on November 12 you’ll be sent a password to access the game in it’s very early stages. Get in quick! Thanks for helping out guys!

Mr Runner 2 Level Editor (WIP)

[vimeo id="16583999" w="640" h="380"]

So I though I’d do a video blog to show off the editor behind Mr Runner 2. It’s still a really early build, but this will give you an idea of whats making this game tick.

This editor will be completely built into the game, so you’ll be able to make your own level, share them with friends, and upload them world wide webonets. I’m also considering making this tile engine open source, so let me know if you’re interested.

Have fun!